«I only conclude my works when I see them framed.»

Vincent van Gogh – 1853-1890.

» The most important part of a picture are its four corners»

Henri Matisse – 1869-1954 .

«A framework lives in the work through fellowship, and makes it expand and enliven the eyes of the sensitive viewer».

Mark Rothko . 1903 -1970.

«It is necessary to embellish the work with a frame, because it needs it, so that from any angle, the sun’s rays are retained and do not spread out, receiving the influence of other neighboring objects … that confuse the view».

Nicolas Poussin 1594 – 1665 .


The primary purpose of a Detoledo frame is for it to focus its attention on the work of art – to create a unified whole that stands alone, separate, and invites undisturbed contemplation.

Like the setting for a diamond, the frame around the work of art is the finishing touch, the element that completes and elevates a painting, presenting it to the viewer in its best possible light.

Framing, however, is an art in and of itself…and just as a good frame choice can greatly enhance the appearance of a work, a poor frame choice can drastically diminish a work.

Our commitment to our clients is to always ensure the right choice of frame is accomplished.

Detoledo’s mission is assist all of our clients, large or small, and to reach the perfect union between our frames and the work of art.

Detoledo Handcrafted Frames