Please fill and send us the  Form attached with all the data that you consider important.

Is mandatary to include ALWAYS the exact size of the artwork for which the frame will be done (without it we could not continue), a photo of the artwork and any other important comment will help us a lot.

As soon as we receive the form, we verify that we have all the necessary information to be able to produce it. Otherwise, we would send an e-mail requesting more details.

We will send you an estimate (subject to no subsequent design changes that would be budgeted separately).

This estimate includes always the price of the work , but not the shipment.

If you want an estimate of the shipment (not definitive because the rates may vary), we can provide it so that you have an idea of ​​what the cost might be (there are many possibilities of shipping depending on the size of the frame and urgency of the shipment).

Please, have a look to our Terms & Conditions page for extra information.